Our staff has received specialized training in gastroenterology and endoscopy which ensures quality care. Together, our nurses share over 40 years of GI experience.

Adel Youssef, M.D.

Milan Dodig, M.D.

John Weippert, D.O.

Zev Randy Maycon, M.D.

Thomas Geisler, D.O.

Dr. Kevin Castillo, D.O.

Dr. Victor Lossev, M.D.

Alex Masters, CNP

Rebecca Bowman, CNP

Brittney Price, CNP

Laura Cesario, CNP

Leila Creatore, CNP

Charlene White-Lowery, CRNA

Michelle Lydic, CRNA

Our entire office staff, consisting of nurses, billing office, medical assistants, and secretaries, is employed to assist us in the execution of the highest quality care, and are a vital part of our practice. They are committed to providing our patients with the support they need while under our care.